Wednesday, July 18, 2007

To anyone who was wondering....

We still don't know about the house....Last week we were told we would have an answer by Friday. Then they said, no make that Tuesday. It is now close of business on Wednesday and we still don't know.

Frankly, if we don't have an answer soon, we will have to walk away and rent for another year or so. Our lease here is over in less then a month and we don't have time to choose another house and go through all of this again.

As a friend of mine said, if you don't get this house with all the prayers that have been said for you, you were just not meant to have it and God has something better planned for you.
And I know that is the truth.... more news as it comes in...and thanks for your prayers and good wishes.
all of us

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Paula said...

Well dang! I thought you'de be all moved in by now and enjoying your new digs. Good luck, my thoughts are with you!