Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finished it!!!!!!

And I really think it's the best one yet!! ALL but one of my guesses who lives and dies was wrong!!! It was great! Have you read it yet??? A lot more action than the last one! Lots of questions answered. I suspected where one horecrux was kept, but there was another that, well, I never, ever dreamed of. Is Snape evil or was he really working for Dumbledore? I did have an idea why he hated Harry's Dad so much and guessed right on that one. But at least one, no two other characters surprised me! If you have read the others you have got to read this one. If for no other reason to bring the story full circle.


Donald Douglas said...

I'm seeing all these bloggers who've already finished the book. Good for you. I just finished Atlas Shrugged, and I'm not a fast reader. Don't know when I'll start the Potter series. My son got his copy of Deathy Hallows today - he'll be set for a few days, I think?

Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Hi, Congratulations on finishing the book! My oldest daughter read it today and my husband is now starting Hour 4. :)

I've been enjoying checking out your blog since you left a comment at my site last week. We have quite a number of interests in common. Although I haven't read the POTTER books myself, my husband and kids love them...I did a couple POTTER posts this weekend you might enjoy. :)

Best wishes,

Gena said...

Oh it has literally just gone on sale over here Terri! my oldest Daughter ot it and I am waiting in line! I am glad you liked it, I cant wait now! much love xxxx

Kerri said...

I hope to read it one of these days, but I'd like to read the others in between first. I've only read number one so far. I don't seem to have time to read much anymore (except blogs!). I loved the first one.
Thanks for stopping by and for the happy birthday wishes. I chuckled at your comment. After the just finished week of our VBS, spent singing, and running/jumping around with the kids, I can honestly say I still feel like a kid...or at least the kid is still there inside me!! It's a lot of work and time, but I love it.
It's such a fun way for the kids to learn about God.
I hope things come to a a happy conclusion with the house.
We're having a rainy day. How about you? The gardens are loving it.
Warmer temps and sunshine in the forecast though. I hope to get some gardening done this week.

Susie Q said...

I have really enjoyed my visit here this evening! I still have not picked up a copy of HP but will next week. I have avoided any *hints* so far so I hope I can keep that up!

I love all the goodies here on your blog and have bookmarked for easy (and often!) return!

Have a sweet Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't even seen the movie yet.
I know, I know.... what is wrong with me.

Anonymous said...