Friday, June 08, 2007

What have I been doing???

Well, I have been painting lawn furniture a cheery red, driving to the orthodontist (4hours away!!!) Taking boys to baseball games

Attending spring concerts, giving away our paino (to hard to move) cleaning the shed, planning a quick trip to NYC (just me and a grown up friend! Woo Hoo!).
Arranging things with the kids' new schools. Changing addresses on all my magazines. Buying Blue Willow china and Boston Terriers off ebay.
Planting tomatos, peppers and beans in pots (so I can take them with us) Trying to get my Jeep fixed(goofy guy didn't order the parts! It's been ages and I am still waiting!!!!!) Bathing the dogs. Working on my knitting. Volunteering at the library. answer to the question...not much. How about you?

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