Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Something that always make me wonder

Last week when I drove up to Penn Yan there was road work going on up around Syracuse. Is it just me, or does it seem that at every road construction site there is one guy actually working, one guy walking to or from the place where the guy is working and at least 3 other guys standing there watching the one fella work?
I also don't understand why they don't work on one section at a time and get it done with instead of insisting on shutting down MILES of roadway, then opening a section back up then, a few miles down the road, deciding to close down lanes again! I suspect it's some sort of kick back deal where fines paid by drivers caught speeding (double the fines in construction zone you know) are split between the construction company and the police.
Also, why don't they ever fix the roads RIGHT, so they don't require fixing every year?? There has to be a way to do that. I think the purposely fix it so it needs "fixing" again fairly often. They don't want to do such good work that they put themselves out of a job now do they??
Several years ago when I lived in Atlanta, one of the local news reporters secretly followed and filmed a road crew from when the started until when they finished work for several days. I thought that was marvelous! (Basically it showed one guy working, one guy walking away from the site, 3 guys watching the one guy work and a fat chick taking a nap in one of the trucks). Maybe some more news cameras should be out checking to see what's up with this...might be mighty interesting.
Of course, I could be wrong....but I don't think so

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Paula said...

That's all so true. We have often made the same comments. Doesn't seem to matter which road you decide to take ~ delays! The city street crew in the little town in Wyoming we lived in must have taken the same training as all the state workers did.