Thursday, June 21, 2007

Only one more historic TR site to go...

So yesterday my friend Jackie and I drove to Poughkeepsie and caught the train to NYC. Can you believe it's only $25 roundtrip? An hour later we were standing in Grand Central Terminal.
Heading out through the wilds of Manhatten, we made our way down Park Avenue until we got to E. 20th street and there we found the birthplace of Theodore Roosevelt. There are actual 2 identical houses there. Theodore's Grandfather built 2 identical brownstones and presented them to his sons Theodore and Robert. Roberts house contains a museum and research library, while Theodores house was restored to all it's period glory by TRs widow and sisters after his death. It was VERY cool!
After a wonderful day (with perfect late spring weather, I might add) Jackie and I headed back to the terminal and enjoyed a beer while we waited for our train.
It was just such a cool day for 2 hicks from upstate!

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