Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to go green

Lately I have been hearing quite a bit about the San Francisco Compact. Basically these folks are trying their best to keep the environmental impact of their lives to a bare minimum. Eat local, watch what you buy (how is it packaged? Is it recyclable? Do you really NEED it?)
The bike or walk. They promote veganism. The eat organic. The don't use harmful chemical cleaners, soaps, poisons etc. etc.

While I am not quite ready to start hugging any trees and I think there's very little chance of me ever giving up meat completely, I am starting to at least think about what I purchase, wear, eat and clean with.

Choices we've made lately are more considered. Maybe if everyone would do that much...consider what they are spending their money (and the world's resources) on, maybe things would be a little cleaner around here.What do you think? Could you give up the baggies you put your sandwiches in and use a reusable container or wax paper?
Could you use your local farmers market instead of buying imported fruits and vegetable from a grocery store? What about your clothes? Could you go vintage (already been worn) or at least natural fibers? Certainly you could use those new light bulbs that save so much energy! And think of how many pounds you could shed if you rode your bike to the library instead of hopping in the car. Could you do it? Maybe. Maybe not. But finding those small changes, easily done that can ultimately make a big difference in what kind of a world our great grandchildren will inherit; surely that's worth a few minutes of thought.

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