Saturday, June 23, 2007 don't understand it's Gibbs!

I really worked hard this morning. REALLY! And then, after cooking an exceptional roast for supper I went to my room to watch NCIS 2nd season. I got it from the library yesterday and I have to get it all watched in a week.
Being brave I decided I would just have to tough it out and make myself watch hours of Mark Harmon as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs....and just hope I can survive the heart palpitations!
Suddenly it occurred to me that I still had three boys downstairs watching mindless television cartoons (I consider NCIS is educational!) and so I hit pause and went downstairs. The house was NOT a shambles. They were NOT bickering, but the did state unanimously that ice cream would be required if I wanted to spend the rest of my evening ogling a man not their father! So, off to the Happy Clown ice cream stand for fat and sugar laden treats.
Now they are back watching trash and I am sipping tea and enjoying my favorite network television program in glorious living color. Sure I feel a little guilty not forcing myself to watch yet another rerun of Ed, Edd and Eddie but you gotta understand...maternal bonding or not....this is Gibbs we're talking about.....Can you blame me?

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Gena said...

I hear ya Terri! I love it too! and we Mums deserve a little time out, dont we? Hugs xxx