Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thoughts on new beginnings

(I know there's stuff you can do about the shiny red eyes, but I think they show what I'm up against with Joe gone!!!LOL)
I think that this move is yet another opportunity to re-invent ourselves. To make all the changes and adjustments and improvements that we have thought about for however long...sort of our own little New Years.
Since my dear friend Lisa is getting a tummy tuck, it is now more imperative then ever that I drop those extra pounds (or I'm going to be the fat girl hanging with those good looking, skinny people at Joe's class reunion next fall!)
On top of that I am practicing my Italian every day (Buon Giorno You all!) And I am going to re-learn the flute. I haven't really played since 8th grade, but I'm going get myself back up to my Jr. High playing skills anyway. And we're still working on the new hair-do...(I am this close to cutting it all off and buying wigs!!!!) That's enough self-improvement for one summer, don't you think???
It's sort of like getting a role in a play and you really, really like the character your playing...Do you see what I mean? I really, really like the character of a middle-aged, Italian speaking, flute playing wife, mother and BABE who makes Martha Stewart look like a slacker! And so I am going to see how well I can play her in Buffalo....Hey...you gotta have a goal in mind before you can meet your goals. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird how it takes almost half our life to figure out how to love who and what we are? Weird, I tell ya.

Jill said...

Hey I played flute too! I wish I still had mine. Perhaps I want one for my birthday!