Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekend

After driving 4 hours up to Gorham, I dropped the children off and went to one of my favorite stores in the world...the Once Again Shop run by the council of churches in Penn Yan.
Then Saturday we went and put a bid on this house in Amherst. We won't know til later in the week if our bid was accepted. I think this house is just perfect for us and am very hopeful it will soon be ours. If you could say a little prayer, we would appreciate it. To celebrate, Joe took me to a Japanese joint for lunch. This dish was called "the phoenix". It was so beautifully and artistically presented....and it tasted every bit as good as it looked.
Sunday we visited friends, bought dinner from the annual Memorial Day bbq at the Potter volunteer fire hall and then went bowling. I am not sure what happened to the bowling pictures, but suffice it to say a good time was had by all...and so was a lot of pizza.

Today was the memorial day parade in Gorham. It is dinky and hokey and absolutely wonderful! We saw many old friends and Matt and Gillian actually ended up in the parade. Afterwards we drove back down state while Joe headed back to Buffalo.It was, all in all, a pretty good weekend. It was too bad it went by so quickly. Especially the part where Joe is apart from us again. Hopefully, soon, that will be remedied and we will all be together in our very cool new house...and that, my friends, is what I am going to dream about tonight!


Anonymous said...

Hey baby! Had a great weekend and I love your blog about it. It was wonderful to see you guys and spend time together. Traveling sucks, but I appreciat you taking the time to help me keep it all together. You're the best!!!


Paula said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love small town parades. What fun that the kids got to join in.
Good luck, again, on your offer on your house.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I think your parade and all look and sound wonderful! I think small town celebrations are often the best.
The house is lovely and oh my at all the room for gardens.
Best wishes to you. I sure hope it all works out the way you'd like.