Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday, Monday...

So, it's Monday and today I was scheduled to learn how to "open" Curves. I am driving to town when I realized that the key is on the key ring for the van which is with Joe in Buffalo!!! Great goofy first impressions! sigh.
I did get the laundry and mail dropped off and changed the dental appointments and now I am getting ready to pick up Jim and Matt from after school activities and drop Joey off at his new job at Mc Donalds.
There's changes in the air... Possibly really, really big changes, but I won't know for sure for a week or two probably. I am excited and scared and praying that it all works out for the best (as I know in my heart of hearts it will, but, OH! I can't help that my heart is beating so fast and I feel like hyper-ventilating!)
In the mean time, we have Joey's confirmation to get through, Gillian's art show, Matt and his little league and Joe and his travelling. Somedays I feel like I'm on one of those wheels in the hamster cage!!!
I learned something on the radio Vermont people have to watch for Moose on the sides of the road this time of year because the snow is melting and the water is salty from the road salt and moose, evidently, like to drink salty water. I know this is a weird thing to write about, but I found it interesting.
ANYWAY, I have washed and sanded the box I found but can't decide whether to paint or stain it. It's veneer, but I think it might still stain up well. Maybe I'll wait and ask Joe what he thinks would look best.
I've also got to make more "decos" and finish the portrait of Joe I began some weeks ago. (the uniform is wrong and has to be done over).
The weather has reverted to November like conditions and instead of 60s we're getting very cold and windy 40s. This is not conducive to either gardening or bike riding, so I guess I will have plenty of time to clean my house in preparation for my in-laws coming for Joey's confirmation. Not that it will stay clean for any length of time whatsoever, but hey. I will try!
As soon as I have something "creative" to show, I promise I'll photograph it and show you. I do little things and send them off and forget to photograph them first. I hope to produce photographic evidence of some kind of creative endeavour very soon, but until then you'll just have to take my word for it.

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Life is certainly busy for you right now! I hope that the exciting changes all work out the way you are hoping for.
The card catalog you found is wonderful. Good luck with everything!