Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Challange: Show us your desk

Yeah. Yeah. Messy, but not as bad as it was! I put the dress patterns, magazines and yarn away the night before! Do you dare to show YOUR desk AS IS????


Kelli said...

Whew! I'm glad I just cleaned off my desk, it was a mess! LOL


Kerri said...

Your desk looks cozy and nicely "lived in" to me :)
Sounds like you've been busy.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter. We've done the foot washing re-enactment at our church too (Baptist). I love studying the old traditions.
I just visited Katinka Matson's site this morning! I love her work! Kathy at Cold Climate Gardening has a pretty picture of scanned snowdrops on her blog. Her link is in my sidebar.
That's a great storage box you found. It could be perfect for lots of things!
Good for you finding time to do some crafting. The coasters looks so pretty.
All that heavy wet snow we had this morning is gone now!! I actually managed to get outside in the garden yesterday (had a little break in the "winter" weather"). It sure felt good to breathe the fresh air!

Anonymous said...

Where did you EVER find a curved desk!? I am in lust with it. I don't have a desk. My messes are either on the floor, on the kitchen counter or on the table. LOL. But I do try to keep that contained.
Did I tel you I love that curved desk?!

Mrs. Staggs said...

No, I'm going to maintain the illusion that there are no messes in Merryville! LOL!