Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday busy-ness

This family sure can go in a lot of different directions on a sunny Saturday. Yesterday, for instance, I had errands to the library and post office in the morning, after breakfast. Joe took Joey job hunting and dropped Jimmy off at the local community college on the way for a science fair.
When I got home, I grabbed Ben, Gillian and Matthew and we headed for our first encounter with our new dentist (ugh! I need a crown!). Surviving that with aplomb, we scooted home to make a late lunch.
Joey got his job (Mc Donald's) and Jimmy got a certificate of merit. Joe got to catch up on his reading in the car and, upon arriving home, did some serious cleaning up on e-bay!
Playing outside in the sunshine was called for after lunch, followed by some cleaning of the house. Email was checked, video games were played and brownies were baked, followed by dinner and a movie (My Super Ex-Girlfriend....rated PG13, but really too sexual I thought) and then the bliss of getting lost in a book until sleep came.
Today is a day of rest. Mass. Tea on the porch...walks in the sunshine...maybe I'll get to finish that book...all to recharge our batteries for another busy week. I just love Sunday. Don' t you?

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Kelli said...

Whew!! Sounds like a busy day! Yes, I love the calmness of Sundays!