Saturday, March 10, 2007

Knitting class was today!

I have been a busy, busy girl this morning. I finished pinning some pennants that I had cut out yesterday and now they're ready for hemming. I transplanted my tomato plant seedlings. I finished doing the laundry. I made the long overdue dental appointments for the family and then I went to my knitting class.

When I began, I was going to make a pair of socks, but the more experienced knitters there, thought that a sweater would actually be easier....go figure.
So, I went and bought needles and yarn yesterday and got out my pattern book and today I actually began my sweater. I am so thrilled! I need to knit approximately 18 inches before 2 weeks from today (when my knitting class meets again). I have NO IDEA what comes next after that. Thank goodness there are several ladies at the class who could knit this or any other sweater blindfolded, to help me out.
I am also about done with the scarf from Jim's scarf and cap set. I will start on the cap tonight. This knitting stuff is becoming addicting! I just love doing this girly creative stuff! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

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