Friday, March 16, 2007


Everywhere lately, it seems, I have been seeing these banners. SO, I took scraps and made 2 for my own personal celebratory reasons. This is the smaller one (the larger is about 3 times this length). The handsome boy holding it up for me is my Matthew! I really like the look of it and plan to hang it up in the yard and porch as soon as the rain stops for awhile.
Joe saw it and said, "What's the banner for?" And I answered, "Because it's pretty." Then he kissed me and told me I was wonderful...sigh...who says pretty little nonsense won't get you anything? LOL


Kelli said...

It's just lovely, perfect for the spring!

Salesdiva said...

Could you just come and start decorating at my house.

cammyk said...

Oh, I just love this! I have been seeing a lot of banners as well...especially in the British decorating magazines. I want to make one myself.