Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Valentine's Day Blizzard of 2007

The children have been outside almost continually (with quick run ins for dry gloves and hot cocoa!) since 7:30 this morning. What I want to know is, where is this kind of energy when it's time to do their chores! LOL

The roads are nearly impassable in places and with black ice and drifting snow the school district wisely decided to call school off again today. Since the farm manager has been through with the snow plow several times 4 of them are now building snow caves. Once they are all built the snowball wars will begin! Woe be to the ignorant innocent who dares wander down the farm road today!


Jes said...

Hi Terry, thanks for popping over to my blog! Isn't this snow amazing? We got hit pretty good here in Maine...can't wait to snoe shoe this weekend!

You asked about my FUNKY STIX...they are to twist your hair up in, some folks like to weave them through their knitted scarf or shawl.

Have a fabulous weekend! (and I'm so trying that chicken parm recipe!)

Kerri said...

So you got some snow too! I'm glad the kids enjoyed their snow day playing in the white stuff :) Our school closed for the 3rd day in a row. I've never seen that happen before.
We've been digging out!
Sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day. Your hubby really is smart! Glad you had a nice lunch :)

Kelli said...

Too funny about the chores! I know what you mean! I loved seeing your snow pictures!