Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I hope you all get to spend your Valentine's Day with your favorite Valentines! My husband, (who is not only sweet but smart!) Took me to lunch yesterday BEFORE the blizzard hit! I also recieved this beautiful bouquet from him. (Proflowers always does a stunning job!)
My other sweeties are all off school with a snow day today. I love them, but have informed them that them getting a day of does not entail me being a maid and cleaning up slushy floors and lukewarm cocoa cups all day. I have declared it a snow day for the mommy as well! LOL
I think I will make some beautiful today. I feel beautiful this morning!!! And I feel like showing it.
Stay warm!


Peggy said...

have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Hope you have a wonderful day even with the kids home from school! LOL love your flowers

Heidi said...

Dear Terri ~

May this Valentine's Day bring you love and joy to fill your heart to overflowing. I am really glad we met through LLL!

Kelli said...

Beautiful flowers and I enjoyed hearing about your Valentine's Day!!