Sunday, February 04, 2007

Beatrix Potter: A Life In Nature

I have always admired her art. I mean, who doesn't love Peter Rabbit? But after reading this biography I am more then impressed with the way this woman lived her life.
Born into a well-to-do family in Victorian England, Miss Potter was homeschooled and essentially a self-taught naturalist. She worked hard to find a publisher and control how her books were presented and published.
She married against her parents will. She still maintained a workable relationship with them and cared for them until she died.
She was a successful business woman, artist, and farmer.
She was a true and loyal friend. She had been engaged to a man who, along with his brothers, ran the publishing house that published her books. Though he died before they could marry, she remained the number one author (and money maker) for the firm even after one of the partners went to jail for embezzling money! She loved and cared for that family as she loved and cared for her own and, later, her husband's.
She was raised a Unitarian (not necessarily Christian) but her attitudeds and behavior were, in my opinion, a better witness to Christ in her behavior towards others then many.
I am impressed by her gentle determination to live her life on her own terms. I am impressed by her her determination to become a farmer and countrywoman and her success at both. I am impressed with her love of family and her ability to forgive ungracious and unkind behaviours aimed at her. I am impressed by her entire life. Wow.
Read the book. You'll be impressed too.


Kelli said...

That looks like a lovely book! I have been reading a couple of books on her life and came away with the same impressions as you. I wish I could have met her!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm so glad you've written about this book. I've seen it mentioned on a few sites, but no one had actually read it yet. I'm going to add it to my list! Thanks!