Tuesday, January 09, 2007

THAT Shirley Jackson??

Somebody recommended the book "Life Among the Savages" to me and I quickly found a copy and read it.
It's an amusing collection of vignettes about a writer, her husband and their growing family. It's certainly a little dated now (One child likes to ride in the car standing on her head in the back seat....that would never be allowed now. Also, she went to the hospital to have her babies and got to stay for 10 days! If they let you stay 10 hours anymore, you're lucky!), but the stories are such that almost any parent can identify with them.
And then, I realized Shirley Jackson....She wrote that short story "The Lottery"! The woman who came up with that frightening story that was required reading at my high school was the same woman who was the nearly overwhelmed mother in my story! I find that fascinating! To be able to write both the macabre and the humourous with such style. I wonder what else she wrote? I guess I'll have to find out.....
Why, I can so identify

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