Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tagged? 5 phases I went through

1) For awhile in the the 7th grade, I called myself Ralph and would only answer to that name. I don't remember why.

2) There was a period of time that I put Seasoned Salt on everything! Then for awhile it was ketchup. Both equally disgusting to me today.

3) Before we got married, Joe and I stopped dating for a few months. During that time I would not date anyone that did not out rank him.....There's an interesting story to go with that hee hee hee, but I'd better not...

4) Does low-carb dieting count as a phase? Who would have thought you could get sick of eating steak?

5)There was a time when I was single when I put elaborate messages on my answering machine...mostly to do with music or plays I was involved in. Someone even included me in a newspaper article about it.

Now....consider yourself tagged!

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