Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Repotting the plants and thinking about starting some new ones

When I was much younger I had a hundred plants all over my apartment, but as we moved and the babies came and then all the pets,well, I lost or killed many of my beautiful house plants. I decided couple of months ago that I would return to my green thumbed ways and have been buying a new plant or two every pay day. Today I repotted some of the ones that have out grown there planters.
What I'm really dying to do is start my vegetable's way too early. Way, WAY too early. But they keep sending me seed catalogs. How can I continue to look at all those wonderful color illustrations of lucious fruits and vegetables and not plant some of them??? It is an irresistable urge that occurs every year. I shouldn't start til March, but by February, I have seedlings going. Then it's a fight to keep them going until it is warm enough to plant outside. Between the kids, the cats and assorted other pets, not to mention overwatering,and mildew, lack of proper lighting and or heating, I lose a LOT of plants.
This year I pledge to control myself and not plant too much too early. I will order a heating mat and new grow lights before I order my seeds. Ireally mean it this time. I will. Probably. Maybe. Well, I'll try.

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Kelli said...

Aren't all those seed catalogs beautiful?!! I need to repot the few houseplants I have. Maybe add a few more to my kitchen windowsill. Grace and I saw several pretty ones at Home Depot the other day.
Happy New Year!