Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bringing foreign places home

Have you ever heard of Flat Traveler? They are little paper dolls that you exchange with people from other places. They are a whole lot of fun and you learn so much! Ours have been all over the world and back.

Here's a crazy picture of Gillian with 2 of our flat travelers from last year. The idea is to take them with you and take pictures and keep a little journal of what your life is like. We usually send pack coins, candy, flags, post cards, little American treats we find along with the traveler and his/her journal.

We are about to send back our latest flat traveler and to start looking for new adventures for our flat travelers. It helps the kids learn about other places and practice there writing (and photography skills) Very educational and so much fun! You should try it sometime.


teresa said...

I've always wanted to do cute!! I don't go to all that interesting of places flat traveler would be a lil bored with my life! ha ha!

Kelli said...

What a cutie your daughter is! I have never heard of flat travelers but I am *very* interested! It sounds like something my children would love! Do you recommend any websites to read for more information??