Saturday, January 20, 2007

boiled egg and soldiers

Leave it to the Brits!
I have just discovered the joys of soft boiled eggs with buttered toast. Joe made me some lovely egg cups on his lathe and Matthew and I have been eating like kings and queens.
And now I learn that the buttery toast strips are known as soldiers! I just thought that was interesting!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Your egg cups are beautiful! I like eggs and toast together this way too. I've heard it referred to as soldiers too, but have never really known why.
My husband's family likes Japanese food, but I've never tried it. One of his sisters lived in Japan while writing her thesis and she especially enjoys it.
I loved The Mary Tyler Show and used to watch it every evening when I was younger. Mash too. Mr. Stagg's worked nights then and I had the tv on a lot more than I do now.

Heidi said...

Oh Terri, I love eating my eggs in an egg cup or 'coddled'. Every weekend we buy our eggs fresh from a farm and have them in our egg cups. My favorite is medium boiled ~ 6 minutes. Aren't soilders fun! They make you feel like a child all over again.