Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The truth about my diet....

After weighing my food portions more meticulously then any anorexic. After stepping up my exercise program. After drinking enough water to irrigate the Mohave desert.. I went to WW and weighed in tonight. I GAINED 2 lbs.
I was so upset I cried. And to top it all off, I can't even go get icecream to drown my sorrows in. Sigh. Some days are just not so good.


Kelli said...

I'm sorry, Terri. This is a new week, I hope it's better!

angela said...

One cheerful thought: muscle weighs more than fat!! With the extra exercise you've probably replaced fat with muscle,
Good luck,

Mrs. U said...

I COMPLETELY understand!!! I'm following Weight Watchers, too. Sometimes it can be so difficult when you know you've completely followed the program and you gain. But HANG IN THERE!! You KNOW the plan works!! Just keep up the good work!

Mrs. U