Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving so far....

When we go to Baltimore (Joe's hometown) we generally stay with our friends Ron and Lisa. This Thanksgiving trip was no different.
After picking up some pizza for the unwashed hoards (our combined children) Joe, Ron, Lisa and I were whisked away to the coolest little restaraunt, where we wined and dined and laughed. Everything was just so good!!!
When we got back from dinner we poured a little more wine, broke into the crab dip (meant for their Thanksgiving soiree ) and talked and laughed til late.
I went to be full, happy and contented.
The next morning is when Lisa's EVIL side emerged.... She made me go to SPIN CLASS with her way, way too early in the morning AND for 60 whole minutes!!! Do you know how small those little bike seats are??? And hard!!!! All I can say is it's a good thing my child bearing years are passed because I will never be the same again!!!
Now we are getting ready to set out for Joe's parents home where the family holiday celebration will be held. I will hobble out to the car and bravely hide my suffering....but I am eating a really big piece of pie to make up for my pain from this morning.

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