Saturday, November 11, 2006

Thank you.

So, recently I have been reading a whole lot of blogs. And when I find one I like, I usually save it to my favorites and then check out the blogs that they like. My list of frequently visited blogs is growing exponentially! I am fascinated and intrigued by all the wonderful, creative women sharing their arts, lives and passions.
I have to wonder what is wrong with me?
All of these ladies seem to accomplish so much every single day. They make me feel like I'm standing still. And where do they get all their ideas??? Where do they get all their energy??
And it seems to me that all of them are pretty on the inside and the outside! How do they do all this????
I am 47 years old and feel like I'm just beginning to, as they say, "come into my own". I think I owe a note of gratitude to each and every one of the women who are my inspirations for becoming "me". The me I've always wanted to be and who I am just now beginning to discover.
Thank you so much, ladies. I am besotted by your creativity and drive and am so glad you chose to blog and share a little bit of yourselves. God bless you.


Mrs. Staggs said...

There is nothing "wrong" with you! Lol!
Oh dear! I thank you very much for including me on this list which includes a number of my favorite places to visit too, but I'm just like you. The thing with blogging is that people are showing you little bits and pieces along the way.
We all have good days and bad days. Sometimes we order take out while we finish up a project, and sometimes the house or the sewing room is a mess. You will see the inspiration or the finished project, but rarely do you see the mess that was made while creating it! I wasn't kidding recently when I said it sometimes looks like a bomb went off in my house when I'm finishing up a project.
We inspire each other, which I think is the nicest thing about blogging...the sharing of ideas and encouragement.
Thank you for your nice blog too!

Salesdiva said...

I can't believe that just because I don't post everyday that I didn't make the favorite list. I'm feeling like the red headed stepchild again. Oh...I did highlight my hair red. I'll try and do better so I can make the list.

meg said...

ha! thanks for listing me. and can i just say there are days (like today) when i get absolutely nothing accomplished? and waste hours surfing blogs? like today?
(and i am very plain on the outside. in fact, "plain jane" was my nickname in college. and then i named my daughter jane. but she is quite lovely, not plain at all :)