Saturday, November 25, 2006

An introdution to my friend Lisa

This is Lisa's blog.

This is Lisa. She is a Diva. She wears great clothes. Her house is gorgeous. Her husband and family adore her and she has more shoes then most shoe stores. She goes to exotic places all over the world and then comes home and throws an intimate dinner for 37 of her closest friends. I have tried to hate her for years, but, she's wonderful so I can't.

When I first married Joe she and her husband had us over for dinner. She made a huge fuss over us and I've loved her ever since. Oh, and her husband, Ron? He's pretty cool too.
crazy diva shoes


Mrs. Staggs said...

Your friend sounds like a lovely person and you do too.
Your tea in Georgetown sounds wonderful. I love to go to a place in our area for afternoon tea. My neice, my sister and I save it for special occasions like one of our birthdays. Sometimes I hostess an afternoon tea during the Christmas holidays. It's a nice break for everyone from all the hustle and bustle. I was thinking a Valentine's Day tea would be fun one day too.
Thanks for the recipe.

Salesdiva said...

Wow! That was so nice. Thank you for the wonderful post.