Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holiday musings

Still making arrangements for our Thanksgiving. We are currently supposed to go to Baltimore, but the neighbor girl had chicken pox and I keep watching Gillian and Matthew for signs that they are going to break out as well.
Then we were concerned about money....we have to the rent and utilities to pay here and at our house in Stanley...on top of that, Christmas is coming way too quickly.....but some folks are going to rent our house beginning Dec. 1, so that took a big load off of our minds.
We usually stay with the Steptoes when we go. That is always a highlight for me. Talk about knowing how to treat company! And on top of that, we can relax there. Those kind of friends are more the exception then the rule when you have 5 children. LOL
Mostly, though, I am still just stunned that the holidays are upon us already. What happened to the fall? Heck, what happened to the year???? I think I need to start now to organize and prioritize my 2007! I want to not only accomplish more, but enjoy my life more. Now that would be a great gift to myself.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I know how you feel, I feel as if Christmas should be at least a month further away. Hey, it is! Goodness, it seems that we are celebrating earlier and earlier every year. I hope your arrangements for Thanksgiving all work out. Chicken pox are no fun! My sister in law and her husband have 5 children. I am familiar with being with a large family during special occasions. The more the merrier!
I am constantly trying to become organized. I know it makes life easier once you get there.
I hope you have a nice day today.

Salesdiva said...

I'm glad you guys decided to come. We SOOOO look forward to visiting and having you visit. It's like a mini vacation...and I mean that. I gotta make a reservation for the tea. Should I try for the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Next Wednesday won't get here fast enough. See you soon.