Sunday, November 19, 2006

A challange before the holidays

Here is an email I recieved from Chrissy. I think it is worth doing and passing along:

We are fast approaching THAT time of year. No doubt each one here will make and receive list upon list of wants and needs, lists of things to buy, do, make and mail. Anne Voskamp, on her blog, challenged us to create a new kind of list this season -- a list of one thousand gifts that we have been blessed with. I would like to challenge you all to the same. Start today, a list of one thousand gifts and blessings in your life. Add a little to your list everyday until you make it to 1000. Feel free to post your lists here or on your blog. If you choose to post on your blog you might want to link it here so that we can all share in your blessings.Have a great Sunday!

1000 is a large number, so I will take several days, anyway, to complete my list, but here goes:
1. Jesus's love and forgiveness.
2. My family.
3. My dogs.
4. My birds.
5. My friends
6. My country
7. Italian cooking!!!
8. My Jeep.
9. The Muddy Cup (guess where I am writing this? he he he)
10. Books
11. My garden
12. Kentucky
13. Good plays.
14. The opportunity to perform in good plays
15. Classical music
16. Funky specs
17. The internet
18. My blog.
19. Thrift stores
20. Freedom
21. The men and women who have sacraficed to give me that freedom.
22. My hair. I have always liked my color red hair.
23. Old houses I have loved
24. Dreams and the ability to make them come true.
25. Smiles.
26. Hugs and kisses
27. Babies.
28. My education; formal and otherwise.
29. Art museums
30. Amazon. com
31. Ebay
32. breakfasts in bed
33. weekends in the country.
34. Christmas caroling
35. Real extended family celebrations.

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