Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Suggestion From Brocante Home

Todays idea was to write a list of things that make me happy. So, in no particular order here goes:
1. Long, hot, bubbly baths undisturbed
2. Classical Music.
3. Going out eat at a really good Italian restaurant
4. Chocolate and red wine. YUMMMM
5. Visiting museums. Art, History whatever. I love 'em
6. Afternoons exploring book stores
7. Sundays after Mass. I sometimes hate to get up and go, but I always love the feeling afterwards.
8. Football. Love it. Always have.
9. Sparkling fall weather. Sunny but cold. Beautiful Leaves. The smell of wood smoke on the air.
10. Pretty aper. It is a sickness.
11. Having everyone home together and NOBODY is on the computer or game cube.
12. Gardens. Especially cottage gardens.
13. My birds. They are so beautiful and make me stupidly happy for no particular reason.
14. Fancy coffees. And the time to enjoy them.
15. My husband. He still makes me feel all silly and tingley. I love him!
16. My impossibly wonderful, funny, maddening, gorgeous children. They make drive me mad, but they and their dad are my dream come true.
17. Funny romantic movies.
18. Perfect little farms. I want one badly.
19. Pretty much anything on a grill. That fire makes anything taste mouthwatering.
20. Rex Stout, Agatha Christie, Josephine Tey mysteries.
21. Letter writing. I like writing them. I like receiving them. I like it when my letters make someone else happy.
22. Tee-vo. On a satellite. The cable one sucks.
23. Boat rides. There's something about a boat ride that makes me feel rich.
24. Trains. Is there anything more romantic?
25. Magazines. I like girly, romantic and country magazines.
26. Cutting pretty pictures from magazines. I have been making a collection of things I like in magazine pictures. No idea what I'll do with them, but I can easily spend an afternoon playing with my "collections"
27. Libraries. Big libraries with lots and lots of lovely books to thumb through and/or read.
28. Germany. It's a wonderful country. I think I could live there.
29. A fire on a chilly night.
30. Jeans, sweaters and boots. I'm a country girl at heart and I do love my jeans.
31. The theater darling! I don't get to go often enough, but I do so love it.
32. Almost everything about living in the south. Southerners are just a different breed. I love it that I'm one of them.
33. Poetry. Mine stinks, but I do love reading other peoples. It amazes me how some people can write like that!
34. Ice cream. Gelato even better!!!
35. Shopping at Ikea. There aren't any near by, but when I get the chance I love going there. They always have so much cool stuff.
36. Fur coats. I know it's not politically correct, but oh the bliss of running my fingers through!
37. Books on tape. You can do whatever and still hear a good story.
38. Louisville. I do love Louisville. Always have. Always will. There's no place like home.
39. Army officers! I should. I married one!
40. Riding in a convertible.
41. 4 wheel drive. Go anywhere at anytime in any kind of weather. What's not to like?
42. Junk stores. Hopefully, one day, when I grow up I'll get to like antique stores too!
43. Bare minerals makeup. THE best. EVER. Gotta love any makeup that has people asking about your complexion!
44. Scrabble
45. I adore my Boston Terriers. They are the perfect dogs. Wish I had ten more.
46.Theodore Roosevelt. Was there ever a man more perfect for his time? He inspires me.
47. Goats. Especially Nubian goats. Someday I'll have a nice herd again.
48. Talking with Mary Beth. No one makes me laugh like she does.
49. A really good grocery store. I love trying new things. And I love grocery shopping with Joe.
50. lipsticks and nail color that actually lasts. Rare, but not unobtainable
51. Doing artsy-fartsy, crafty things.
52. Louis Armstrong songs. No one did it like Satchmo
53. Brocante Home. What a great blog. Wish I could write like that woman! WOW
54. Foot rubs. I absolutely melt!
55. Going anywhere and doing anything with Ron and Lisa Steptoe. They are my classy city friends!
56. French doors. So chic. So.......French!
57. Champagne. Anytime, Anywhere, For any reason Baby!!!
58. Dishes. I love dishes. I wish I had Martha Stewart's dishroom.
59. Making real friends on the internet. (Hi Diane! Hi Heidi!)
60.Watching my children do something they really love to do. It makes my heart happy to see them so happy.
61. Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs. Give me a racing form, a hot dog, a beer and a $2 bet and I am having a good time.
62. Second run theaters with $3 seats. What a great way to spend an afternoon; seeing 2 or 3 movies in a row.
63. Andy Hardy Movies. Makes me wish I was alive back then. Even the teenagers had tuxes!
64. Chickens. They are beautiful and fun to watch and there's nothing like fresh eggs.
65. Indian food. Thanks to my friend Geeta I am addicted.
66. Hats. If only my head wasn't so big, I would own a whole lot more of them.
67. Good manners. So rare today. So wonderful to encounter.
68. Pretty, flattering dresses. Nothing makes me feel more girly.
69. Chanel #5. A classic. Unmistakable
70. learning new things. I can't remember my own phone number, but my mind grasps on to the most minute of historical trivia.
71. Lauren Bacall. She is quite a woman. And that voice! I wish I had a deep voice like that.
72. Going to brunch with friends. If it's a champagne brunch it really, REALLY makes me happy.
73. Hearing Joe sing. He has a wonderful voice.
74. The smell of bacon cooking or bread baking or coffee brewing. They all say "home" They all say "cozy"
75. The Carol Burnett Show. It must have been so much fun to work on that show. I loved it then and I love it now when I catch an excerpt.
76. A house that stays clean longer then 47 seconds. This never happens to me, but I've heard rumors that it happens to other people.
77. Burger King Whoppers with cheese. Can't beat that Charbroiled taste! Beats the Big Mac hands down.
78. My Amazon. com wish list. hint. hint
79. Saying the rosary. It gives me peace. I may not have a mother here anymore, but I will always have the holy mother as my own.
80. Being snowed in with my kids. Snow forts. Sledding. Snow ball fights. Hot cocoa. So much fun!
81. Dates with my husband. Not enough of em. Never enough!!!
82. Losing weight. Sure I have to eat healthy (not that bad) drink tons of water (really a lot harder then one would think) and exercise (blekkk!) But, oh! watching that little needle fall lower and lower every week is heaven!
83. My lap top. I admit it. I check my email constantly. I kind of like my blog, too. And I am forever googling things.
84. Seeds. I always buy too many. Oh! The possibilities make me positively swoon.
85. The color periwinkle. Don't know what I'll do with it, but I will use it someday.
86. Calvin and Hobbs. Still funny after all these years.
87. County Fairs. Hokey, but so much fun!
88. The New York Post. I love that rag.
89. Playing Scrabble. I usually win, so why wouldn't I like it? LOL!
90. Edwardian times. What a period to be alive!!! All the world to explore. It must have been THE BEST time to be alive.
91. Family holidays. I would like to grow up to be the Waltons. I never had that and envy those who do.
92. beachcombing. I don't care if it's hot. I don't care if I swim. I just love to beach comb and see what I can find.
93. ebay. So much stuff. So little in my Paypal account!
94. bracelets. They are just so much fun for so little money.
95. mail order catalogs, window shopping without leaving home.
96. Cats. I don't think a home is quite finished without a cat or two in residence.
97. rows and rows of jars I've canned. Sure it's a pain to do the work, but so so satisfying to all those jars lined up in the pantry.
98. Godiva raspberry truffles. The best. Hands down.
99. Porch swings. Nothing is friendly or more relaxing. They should be required on all homes.
100. Knowing that my Jesus loves me and forgives me and will be taking me home to heaven own day. It feels so good to be so loved.

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