Monday, October 09, 2006

5 Weird Things About Me

Only 5??? How to narrow them down, hmmmm

#1) I like to put raisinets in my popcorn. It's disgusting, but oh so delicious!

#2) I have a fistula (a hole or passage) between my nose and my mouth. Because of this
I can make whatever I am drinking come out my nose at will. I used to charge kids a dime
to watch me do it in grade school.

#3) My hair is so thick that I can wash it in the morning and it will still be slightly damp in the

#4) A few weeks after I met my husband, God told me he was the one meant for me. He
didn't talk directly to me, but none the less he let me know in no uncertain terms. Poor
Joe never had a chance.

#5) Joe thinks I have a total lack of self-esteem and it drives him nuts. Personally, I just
think I'm a little nutty.

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