Friday, September 08, 2006

A very busy week

I believe I have emptied and put away every box in the house. Now. not bad considering we've only been in here a week today!
The children started at their new schools yesterday. By all accounts it went well. Some mean kids, of course, but a lot of nice ones too. Why Jimmy is already signing up to audition for a play!
Today I am packing up the van. Tonight we're driving down to Baltimore for Amber's wedding tomorrow. If we live, we should be home Sunday evening.
Next week things will be more normal. Saturday Joe and Joey are driving up to Stanley to clean up the old house and make sure everything looks nice for anyone who wants to view the house. I hope to stay home and put up some raised beds for my garden.
All in all it wasn't too awful a move. Still stressful, though. Growing pains, I guess you'd call them. I am so glad to be back with Joe and have our whole family together again! Now our new adventure begins......

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