Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back to School

School has begun and all the children are settling in to their new schools. I am back to having the day to accomplish my chores and goals....unfortunately with all the errands that come with moving to a new place, I haven't been able to really enjoy having the house to myself all day yet!!

This area of the country is lovely. Lots of farms and forests. Then, suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, there's a museum. Or a restaurant. Or an antique store. The local produce store has pate, goat cheese and imported chocolate. I could get to really love it here!!!! LOL
We are really looking forward to exploring this whole area and all it offers. It's going to be a lot of fun!!!

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Liz said...

We miss you, Pollheins! Especially Keren misses Gillian. She asked if she could have Gillian over one day, and I said, "No, dear, they are moving today."

School has started for us as well. The boys were none too pleased. They thought we would follow last year's pattern where we didn't start 'til mid October!

Glad the move went smoothly. Tell Joe no one matched his $20 fine at Rotary.