Saturday, August 12, 2006

my beautiful chickens

When we got home yesterday the dogs were lose, so after I called my husband, I went and checked on my chickens. All 5 were there. That was about 4:30.

About 7:30 I went out to pen them up for the night and found piles of feathers everywhere. All 4 hens were missing and the rooster was in the pen with his legs broken.

I suspected the neighbor dogs. They run loose all the time....and I do mean ALL the time. But we have to live here and once we move, we'll need their help watching the house. So I didn't go across the street. and complain or demand apologies or compensation.
Today while my husband was talking to the next door neighbor, the man's 5 year old son told us the Jules, his grandpa's dog ate our chickens. She took them out to the woods and ate them. Now, Grandpa (lives across the street) was with the boy. He had to know it. He had to have seen it. And even if he didn't see it the little boy wouldn't shut up about it, so he definetly heard about it. Not a phone call. Not an apology. Nothing.
Those were just dumb chickens. But they were beautiful and they made me smile. They were on my land and his dog came massacred them. Doesn't that rate at least a phone call??? What kind of men are these Yankees, anyway? I have noticed, up here that good manners are lacking in the extreme. No yes maams or No sirs. No door holding. No excuse me or even thank yous. Men with hats on inside. It annoys the bejezus out of me. But, when you are responsible for the destruction of someone elses property by your own neglegience and can't even be man enough to admit it....that's no man.
Real men can afford the few moments it takes to use good manners. Real men stand up and take responsibility. Real men are kind. Real men are fair and honest and wouldn't dream of not doing the right thing by someone they've hurt.
So, I will start again with new chickens when we move. And hope that the neighbor there is a real man.

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