Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Showing the house

It's just a house on a street in a town. It may not look special to you,But this is the house where we lived and we loved,Where we slept and we ate and we grew."~ Claire Cloninger

It is very hard for me to show the house in order to sell it. I love this house. It hurts me to have people come in and judge each room, each piece of furniture, the color of the walls. Everything in this house is a little piece of me or my family. It' dear to me. The thought of strangers coming through and making snippy comments; judging me, makes my stomach hurt.
The showings may be the hardest part of moving for me. It's too personal...an invasion of privacy. Looking inside my house is like looking inside me! It brings back so many emotions, it's like being back at school...What if nobody likes me? It can be rather painful!!!
Until I get to heaven, though, I guess I'll play this same game over and over. It seems I am not meant to settle down somewhere for good. I am a modern American nomad never staying any place too long. Always moving. Always starting over somewhere new. I envy those people with groups of friends they've had for years. People who know there neighbors well. I just start getting the lay of the land, and it's time to go again. I think it's a little bit sad

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Jill said...

I love your house!