Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A rainy day

There's rain in the forcast today. Thunderstorms, all day, are expected. The question of the day is, can Ben and I figure out how to put the soft top up on the Jeep???
When I had my MG, putting the top up and down was a piece of cake. This one is a little more complicated. Good thing there are instructions in the glove box!!!
The rain it's self is welcome. It will cool things down for the day. The heat has been unrelenting the last few weeks and it makes for a nice change to have some lower temperatures around here.
Much to do today. I will tackle my cupboards downstairs. I promised Matty a trip to the Once Again Shop (our favorite junk store) and, this evening, Ben is going Rock Climbing with a classmate of Joe's and I will need to take him to Rochester. I also hope to get hopping on recovering my chair.
I like a rainy day. It calls for baking something lovely and sitting down with the children and having tea. Maybe we'll watch a movie tonight (Wizard of Oz? Gillian has been asking for it) and make some popcorn. We need to take advantage of these days. It won't be long before the sun will come out again and garden chores and playdates will take priority over spending time together.

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