Monday, July 17, 2006

Little Alice

Once upon a time there was a girl puppy. She left home and family at a very young age to move far, far away in New York. It was a scarey ride in the plane. It was dark and cold and took many hours. But, eventually she came to her new home.
The home was very loud and busy. There were lots of people there. Always running and talking and hollering and moving. It was hardly ever quiet. For even when the people left home or went to sleep, there were cats, and rabbits and birds and all kinds of other creatures. There were also 2 dogs. One was an old girl who moved slowly and wagged her tail all the time. Her name was Trouble and she was very sweet.
The other dog was a boy. His name was Sam and he was VERY handsome. Alice immediately lost her heart to the tuxedo clad boy. In time they married and had 27 children.
Alice is now an old lady herself. She is still married to Sam and is still very happy.
The moral of this story? Sometimes scarey beginnings lead to happy endings. And sometimes happily ever after MEANS happily ever after.
Just ask Alice.

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