Friday, July 07, 2006

101 Things in 1001 Days

If I begin today, my 1001 things will be completed by April 3, 2009

My List, in no particular order:

1. Speak Italian
2. Wear a size 8
3. ride my bike or walk 3xs per week
4. Write every day x
5. Visit Mary Beth
6. reupholster my chair and foot stool
7. learn to decorate cakes
8. learn to play chords on the piano
9. buy a goat
10. visit Europe again
11. go camping
12. train my dogs
13. learn to French Braid hair
14. use my yoga tapes on a regular basis
15. Go to NYC and visit all the museums I want!!!
16. get a cockatiel
17. get a massage
18. I want an anniversry ring!!!
19. build more bookshelves
20. plant asparagus
21. try to snow ski
22. set up my own web domain
23. get some diamond earrings
24. re-read the power of positive thinking
25. find out more about essential oils and their uses
26. buy new, fancy collars for the dogs
27. Drive my Jeep with the top down on a long trip!
28. plant an herb garden
29. entertain at least once a month
30. go to a professional football game
31. improve my chess game
32. knit a pair of socks
33. get a new knob for my drier
34. join at least one club or volunteer activity
35. listen better/talk less
36. paint a portrait of Joey
37. get those children confirmed
38. Neuter Sam
39. have a romantic weekend ALONE with my husband
40. write a fan letter
41. Go to the opera
42. Design new calling cards and stationary
43. constuct a pergula
44. make some homemade beer
45. enjoy a holiday at the ocean
46. cross stitch some book marks
47. change the wallpaper in my room
48. improve my music library
49. make a mobile x
50. take a trip with Lisa
51. buy a really beautiful evening gown and attend an event
52. go on at least one "antiquing weekend"
53. build a cold frame
54. have a really good family photo taken
55. put out more bird feeders
56. work on a fund raiser or political campaign
57. Grow a HUGE pumpkin
58. balance my check book at least once
59. get to where I can do 100 sit ups per day
60. purchase new cookware
61. fence the yard
62. make good biscuts
63. rearrange linens
64. buy a pink/peach chenille robe
65. Enjoy being girly x
66. Make a large donation to a church project
67. subscribe to the Wall Street Journal
68. strive for five
69. re work my plan of action
70. visit the Empire State building
71. visit a spa and have a make-over
72. play a decent game of golf
73. laugh out loud every day
74. take at least one college class
75. Take the kids to a major amusement park
76. visit Niagra Falls
77. keep my toenails painted x
78. organize my craft supplies
79. get my hair cut on a regular basis
80. study my Bible
81. make retirement plans with Joe
82. make a scrap book
83. read at least one book a week
84. get more house plants
85. sew some cool pillows
86. wear more skirts and dresses
87. obtain a great pair of boots
88. build a koi pond
89. build and fly my own kite!!!!
90. go on a romantic picnic with Joe
91. build a treehouse
92. enjoy a trip to the bookstore and a coffee at least once a month
93. learn to arrange flowers
94. visit TRs birth place
95. invite the local priest to all parties and celebrations
96. celebrate small victories in our family
97. make wine
98. get more pigeons
99. begin an investment program
100. have a mamogram every year
101. recycle

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