Monday, October 03, 2005

The first Monday of October

At last! Some time alone! The weekend was packed with visits and errands and people. Finally, today I can sit with a cup of coffee and think my own thoughts for awhile. I was an older bride (29) and I have never quite gotten used to having so many people around constantly. I need my time alone to recharge.
More packing today. I should poke around in the spooky old basement as well. There are spiders down there and I hate going down, but it has to be done.
This morning I've looked at some other blogs. It's fun to learn about other ladies, like me. I like to hear their ideas and look at their photos. And everyone seems so nice. Like folks you want living next door.
Found a home for the baby geese yesterday. This afternoon we'll take them to their new place. This is a great relief, for there's no place to keep them at the new house and I would worry the neighbor's dogs would hurt them or they would wander out to the road.

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