Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm Proud of you

As I drove tonight to pick up my son from a visit upstate, I listened to a book on CD entitled i'm Proud of You My Friendship With Fred Rogers by Tim Madigan. What amazed me most was that in a world where there is so much ugliness and hate there can still exsist in the world someone like Fred Rogers...caring, kind, loving and still possessing an almost childlike innocence, sense of decency and fair play.

Generations of children loved him as Mr. Rogers of Mr. Roger's neighborhood. And by all accounts he was the same gentle, sweet man off screen as on. The tender way he spoke to even his male friends is amazing to me.

If you want a lesson on the true spirit of Christianity I would highly recommend this book



Mrs. Staggs said...

Well, what would Mr. Rogers say to you about being patient? LOL!
I confess that Mr. Rogers got on my nerves a little bit but my son loved the man and watched him most days while I cooked dinner. What a difference he made in the world with his gentle spirit. A great role model for boys especially I think.

Jean said...

Sometimes if you refresh, the pic icon will come up. I was having trouble too so I pushed a help button. I was just getting a red x instead of a pic. They said to "ctrl" and F5 (at the same time) before you get the pic. It worked for me and my daughter who was having trouble too. Hope this helps you. It is sooo frustrating when things don't work.

karlanee said...

Oh even as an adult, I love Mr. Rogers. As a child he was my safe person in a world I couldn't find normalcy in. I miss him terribly.